Ordering Information

Please note this important information before placing an order on the website:

• Kindly place orders by Sunday 25 February 2024
• Payment to reflect in WCASC account by Tuesday 27th February 2024 (use Order Number as reference)
Group Orders: Collection at St Agnes, Woodstock on Friday 01st March 2024 @ at the close of Area Assembly
Private Orders: Collection at St Agnes, Woodstock on Friday 01st March 2024 18h30-19h00 by appointment - contact wc-lit-chair@na.org.za

Anybody can collect on your behalf if they have the Order Number.

We can also send your order via Postnet (R110 for the first 5kgs), but please keep in mind we only fulfill orders once a month.  Enquire at email below.

Contact wc-lit@na.org.za for literature queries.